Radical Islamists are hijacking Every Ethiopian Public Discussion Forums ,Meetings,Gatherings and Demonstrations for their own Islamic Agenda

Islamic Radicals are taking over every venue to advance their Islamic agenda in Ethiopia. There only concern is the 17 imprisoned committees. They never cared the worsening human right violation,corruption and lack of good governance in Ethiopia. The voice of ordinary Ethiopians are silenced by those stealth Jihadists who seem to be moderate, nice and tolerant and yet they are the worst of all. TPLF directly cooperating with them by dragging the court due process. This further inflame and empower Islamist on the grass root level .

In diaspora and home, Islamists are hijacking every public discussion forums,meetings,gatherings and demonstrations .Undercover Islamic stealth jihadists managed to galvanize the entire Ethiopian Muslim on their behalf. Christians should stop this ass licking by saying we are one. bela bela. There is no room for tolerance in Islam. Recently we have witnessed what happened in Norway ,Texas, and south Africa, After they disrupt woyane meeting, they chant “free our committee, Alaha wakeber and so forth.There movement is purely religious and has nothing to do with ordinary Ethiopians who seek justice, equality and freedom of speech. The woyane government is helping and empowering Islamic radicalism by weakening The Ethiopian orotodox chruch .The church is divided more than ever before.


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