[Video]Haji Nejib Urge Muslim Oromos to take over Ethiopia

Haji Nejib ,the president of first Hejira foundation , had made a well calculated and dangerous statement in Oromo Muslim meeting in Minneapolis. He reiterated that  the struggle of oromos and muslims are one and the same. He intentionally injected factually wrong statistics to galvanize muslims against Christians . He is known to make different statements to different crowds in many occasions.

Many Ethiopian pro democratic and human right activists expressed their disappointment and disapproval of his statements. It sad to hear such hateful and venomous statement from a person who represent the Ethiopian muslim community in general regardless of their ethnic affiliation.

The oromo ethnic  political movement has been a  Nazi style racist narrow political school of thought in which it excludes  none oromos solely based on bloodline. Many Ethiopian christians and none Oromo communities are very much fearful of Oromos .

In the last 4 decades , Statements made by Oromo leaders, writers and  politicians has made it clear the intent of Oromo  liberation front…WIPING OUT  CHRISTIANS AND NONE -OROMOS FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

The statement made by Haji nejib is really troubling


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