[Video ] Jawar Mohamed – Oromo Islamic Jihadist Calling The Expulsion Of Christians from Oromia Region

Jawar mohamed, A fanatic Oromo Jihadist openly calls for the expulsion of  Ethiopians(Christians) from Oromia region. Majority of Oromos do not support and share his extremist view of Islam and ethinic nationalism . He just represents the minority fanatic Bale Oromos.  Jawar’s intention is clear . As he puts it clearly in a number of occasions, His primary goal is to create an Islamic Oromia under Sharia Law.He was heard repeatedly praising Jara, the founder of Islamic oromia Libation  Front. Its an open secret that Jara was responsible for the death of many christian and burning of churches thoughout Oromia. Jara has passed way recently and he was praised as a hero by Jawar Mohammed.

In collaboration with Egypt and Al Jazeera , Jawar has set out a plan to expand Islamic expansion  under the banner of political freedom and justice  for Oromos. He  had expected  material and moral support from Mohamed Morsi Of Egypt, unfortunately Morsi is hosted by the military.

Jawar has manipulating the good intention of peace loving Ethiopians for his narrow fanatic agenda. Many Oromos and Muslim Ethiopians felt betrayed. He literally high jacked  and manipulate  the aspiration of Ethiopians  for  justice and equality for  his narrow ethnic religious agenda.

We have to bring his extremism and genocidal attitude  to Sanford University community.

Stanford University 
390 Serra Mall
Stanford, California 94305

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3 thoughts on “[Video ] Jawar Mohamed – Oromo Islamic Jihadist Calling The Expulsion Of Christians from Oromia Region

  1. ”TERA YPOLETICA CHEWATA” toxic diaspora’s enante menalebachew burgger gimetu egnanen ezh yemn godaw jawar kalew ybelete enante yemtanafsut tilacha yenezal degmom megadel kehone manm ayferam

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