Last Call For Ethiopian Christians. Act Before Too Late

Radical Muslims are waging a Jihad on Ethiopia and Ethiopian Christians. This Islam extremism has been largely ignored by mainstream media, organizations and politicians. Radical Islam is advancing within Ethiopia through the support and finance of many Islamic states such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc… The attempt to create awareness by many has been largely failed and been ignored. Radical Islam is a threat and we must negate its teachings and cut it from its roots. The ideas of radical Islam has no space for tolerance, compromise or accommodation. On the contrary, radical Islam propagates and which is to oppress, dominate, and suppress civilized societies through a radical ideology.Subjugation and then finally domination is the idea of radical Islam. This type of teaching is being spread through Ethiopian Muslims who have always maintained a homegrown tolerating form of Islam. Recently, however, radical Islam has been injected into Ethiopian Muslim societies that their views are being stirred to extreme form Islam. This are exemplified by the Churches (Orthodox and Protestant)churches that have been burned in the country side. Many Christians have been killed as well as they worshiped in their churches.

Something must be done fast to combat this extremism of Islam before it gets out of hand and dominates Ethiopia. We must come up with a strategy that will battle the radical Islam ideology.









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