Just 300 miles from Addis- Somali Man Stoned To Death By Militants For Adultery (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

On Sunday, Islamic militants stoned a man to death for adultery in front of hundreds of local residents in Somalia. The man, named Mohamed Abukar Ibrahim, 48, was killed by members of the rebel group Hizbul Islam in Afgoye, 20 miles from the capital Mogadishu, according to the AFP. A second man, Ahmed Mohamoud Awale, 61, who was accused of murder, was shot to death. Hundreds of villagers were forced to watch the stoning by the militants, multiple reports said.

The girl with whom Ibrahim was accused of having an affair received 100 lashes; she escaped being put to death because she was not married at the time of the alleged sexual relations.

As multiple reports noted, this was the first time Hizbul Islam had carried out these type of executions — such punishments are more commonly associated with the Shabaab, a hardline militant group that is said to be an al-Qaeda proxy in the African state.

Below are photos, from the AP, of Ibrahim’s stoning. Please note: They are extremely graphic and do show Ibrahim after the stoning.



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